Clean Way Services (CWS) conducts Tank Cleaning (Gas Freeing Services) onboard US Navy and other vessels.  CWS opens, ventilates, empties and makes dry specified tanks in preparation to obtain a gas-free certificate from an NFPA certified Marine Chemist.  CWS uses portable air driven suction discharge pumps to remove fuel/oily wastes.  If not already at low-suction, CWS would pump each tank to remove product.  Once at low suction, CWS opens manholes, strips product, water washes the tanks, then strip dry.  The final step is obtaining/maintaining the Marine Chemist Certification.

CWS can work in the following tank types:

  • Water Ballast Tanks

  • Sewage (CHT) Tanks

  • Diesel Fuel Tanks

  • Oil/Water Bilge Tanks

  • Gasoline Tanks

  • Potable Water Tanks

  • Intermediate & Heavy Fuel Oil Tanks

  • Crude Oil Tanks

  • Lubricating Tanks

  • Voids and Cofferdams


Clean Way Services (CWS) uses a patented Pipe renew to chemically clean. Chemical Cleaning is the use of chemicals to remove deposits, sludges, and scaling and has proven to improve efficiency and lower functioning expenditure.  Rather than replacing your pipe, chemically clean your pipe.  

Pipe & Well Renew

A complete pipe and well rehab system that is nonhazardous, nonflammable, EPA compliant, and NAVSEA approved. Developed for removing water hardness scale, tuberculation and corrosion deposits found in piping and process equipment.


  • Organically inhibited mineral acids

  • Stable mixture

  • Tested to conform to the requirements of Standard 60 for drinking water chemicals

  • Pipe & Well Renew HCL & 950


CWS can work with the below Piping Systems & Heat Exchangers:

  • CHT Black Water System

  • Grey Water System

  • Oily Waste Piping

  • Auxiliary Seawater Piping

  • Cooling/Chill Water System

  • Fire Main Piping

  • Potable Water System

  • Fuel Piping

  • Sewer Piping

  • Lube Oil Coolers/Purified Heaters

  • A/C Plant Condensers

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Clean Way Services (CWS) installs temporary deck covering onboard US Navy vessels prior to the start of maintenance availabilities. This deck covering, mostly consisting of woven or sheet polyethylene and/or fire-retardant plywood, is applied to protect high traffic areas of the ship, including passageways, as well as wardroom and messing areas.  Most recently CWS has applied over 20,000 square feet of decking onboard USS Mitscher (DDG-57).


Clean Way Services (CWS) provides general cleaning and sanitizing services for US Navy vessels including berthing and barracks barges (APL, YRBM).  CWS can provide general localized cleaning or full-scale deep cleaning.  Examples of cleaning services include (but are not limited) to freshwater wash and wipe down, pressure washing, as well as housekeeping services such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing. Most recently CWS completed a general deep cleaning for USNS Spearhead (T-EPF 1) which included both interior and exterior spaces and all forms of cleaning.


Project Managers Harold Scott (left) and Darin Moore (right).